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Where to park

Our parking lot: Limited parking is available. Use spaces 1, 2, and 3 (also marked "BC") near our entrance. Enter the lot from the 300 block of N. Market St. at the rear of the store (the narrow road between Lemon and Walnut). Other spaces in the lot belong to neighboring businesses and are not availble.

Parking garage: If our lot is full, there is a parking garage just around the corner. The North Queen Street Garage is located at 424 N. Queen St. in Lancaster. Just a short 2 minute walk! (See map at the bottom of this page).

Pricing fo the garage is as follows:
0-1 hour = $2
1-2 hours = $4
2-3 hours = $5
Each additional or partial hour add $1
Up to a maximum 24 hours = $15
After 5pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday = $5 flat rate

You can find more info on the Lancaster Parking Authority website.

Street parking: Free on Sundays! Metered two hour limit street parking is also available in front of our shop on N. Queen and throughout the neighborhood. The meters take cash and cards. Note that cards require a $3 minimum ($1.50 per hour).

You can also pay using the Park Lancaster app (which can be used in Harrisburg, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia as well.) Use the links below:

Google Play download
Apple App Store download